Selected Invited Talks:

“Out of Print: Digital Literary Studies, Book History, and the Novel.” University of Innsbruck, Austria. December 2021.

“‘We Speak with Alexa’s Voice, and That is Uncanny’: Voice Interface, The Contemporary Gothic, and the Ghostly History of Sound.” Digital Matters, The University of Utah. February 2020.

Invited Panelist, “Revisiting Marshall McLuhan in the Age of Emojis, Voice Assistants, and Chatbots.” Lingofest Symposium: Voice-First Conversations. Weber State University. February 2019.

“Radio Ghosts: Modernism, Spiritualism, and Sound Media.” Union College. Schenectady, New York. May 2018.

Invited Panelist, “Maintaining Research Productivity.” Weber State University New Faculty Retreat. Zermatt, Utah. August 2017.

“Auratic Facsimile: Mark(et)ing the Print Novel in the Age of Digital Reproduction.” Novel-Seeming-Goods: Futures of the Anglophone Novel. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. September 2016.

“What are the Digital Humanities?” Wasatch Range Writers Project. Weber State University. September 2014.

“Literary Studies, Media Studies, and Digital Culture.” Address given to Weber State University Board of Trustees and University President Charles Wight. Weber State University. October 2014.

“The Future of the Book (Circa 1920): Microfilm, Modernism, and Media History.” Literature Faculty Research Series, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. October 2012.

“A New Form of the Book: Microfilm and Modernism.” Material Texts Research Focus Group, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center. University of California, Santa Barbara. April 2012.

Selected Conference Presentations:

“Modeling Data: The Materiality of Methods.” Panel presentation with Molly Morin and Nikki Stevens. DHU6 (Digital Humanities Utah 6), Brigham Young University. February 2022.

“The Audio Uncanny: Voice User Interface Technologies as Gothic Media.” The Pacific, Ancient, and Modern Language Association, San Diego. November 2019.

“Ghost Stories for a Digital Age: Gothic Podcasts and the Ontology of Sound.” American Comparative Literature Association, University of California, Los Angeles. March 2018.

Participant, Featured Panel: “What We Teach When We Teach ‘Intro to the Digital Humanities.’” DHU3: The Third Utah Symposium on the Digital Humanities, Utah State University. February 2018.

Panelist, “The Humanities in the New Age of High Artificial Intelligence.” Lingofest Symposium: Voice-First Conversations. Weber State University. January 2018.

“‘Too Much To Read’: Modernism’s Information Overload as Cultural Crisis and Aesthetic Practice.” Modernist Studies Association, Pasadena. November 2016.

“The Novel As Social Network: Reading Mark Z. Danielewski’s The Familiar.” American Comparative Literature Association, Harvard University. March 2016.

“From Microfilm to Mobile Media: Towards a History of Reading Interfaces.” DHU1: The First Utah Symposium on the Digital Humanities, Utah Valley University. February 2016.

“Too Much Information? Alternatives to Overload and Mediation.” Roundtable on “Literature and Media Change: Historical Perspectives from Europe and the Americas.” Modern Language Association, Austin. January 2016.

“Expertise and Imposter Syndrome: The Reluctant Digital Humanist.” The Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria. June 2015.

“How We (Have) Read: Media History, Format Theory, and Literature in a Digital Age.” The American Comparative Literature Association, New York University. March 2014.

“Out of Print: Media Transition, the Novel, and the Book.” The Society for Contemporary Literature and the Yale University 20/21 Colloquium. Colloquium on “1914/2014: Experimentalism Then And Now,” Yale University. March 2014.

“The Book and Beyond: The Geographies of the Novel.” Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP), the University of Pennsylvania. July 2013.

“Novels in the Network: Bridging the Print-Digital Divide.” American Literature Association, Boston. May 2013.

“‘The Cumbersome Book’: Microfilm and the Rhetoric of Textual Materiality.” Centre for the History of the Book, Edinburgh University, and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Symposium on Modernism, Print, and the Book, Edinburgh, Scotland. December 2012.

“Curating the Colony: Public and Private Museums in Ulysses.” Modernist Studies Association, Las Vegas. October 2012.

“Dead-Tree Data: Print Novels, Information Storage, and Media Transition, 1910/2010.” Poster Session: Dissertation Showcase. University of California President’s Society of Fellows in the Humanities, University of California, Santa Cruz. March 2012.

“Moveable Type: Reading Bob Brown’s Machine as an Alternate History of Textual Transmission.” Modernist Studies Association, Seminar, University at Buffalo SUNY. October 2011.

“By Any Other Name: Keyword Classification in the RoSE Project.” Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria. June 2011.

“Interfacing with Modernism: Reading Machines and Haptic Storage.” Research Slam, Transcriptions Center, University of California, Santa Barbara. May 2011.

“Lines of Mapping, Lines of Flight: The Islands of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.” Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association, Chaminade University. November 2010.

“Dreams of the Complete Record: Ulysses and the Mundaneum.” The XXII James Joyce Symposium, Prague. June 2010.

“Leopold Bloom at the Museum’s Gate: Personal and Institutional Collection Practices in Ulysses.” Northeast Modern Language Association, Montreal. April 2010.

“Excess and the Archive: Joyce’s ‘Usylessly Unreadable Blue Book of Eccles.’” Southern California Irish Studies Colloquium, University of California, Irvine. January 2010.

“Literature on the Record: Mourning, Memory, and Information Storage in The Raw Shark Texts.” Research Slam, Transcriptions Center, University of California, Santa Barbara. May 2009.

“Globalization and the Gaeltacht: Re-imagining Irishness in Yu Ming is Ainm Dom.” American Comparative Literature Association, Harvard University. March 2009.

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