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As a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, I was also a fellow at MIT’s HyperStudio, a Digital Humanities laboratory. I was involved with their development of Annotation Studio, a textual annotation platform designed for student use.


University of California, Santa Barbara:

As a graduate student, I was a research assistant for The Transcriptions Center, “an NEH-funded curricular development and research initiative started in 1998 by the English Dept. at UC Santa Barbara to focus on literary study and information society.” As Transcriptions RA, I served on the organizing committee in 2008 for the first Transcriptions Research Slam conference–an innovative, interdisciplinary, multimedia poster-session-style event. (View photos from the 2008 Slam and video highlights from the 2009 Slam, which I also organized.)

I was also a member of Transliteracies, a University of California Multi-Campus Research Group that brings together scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and engineering to research online reading. I worked with Transliteracies to develop the Research-oriented Social Environment (RoSE), a digital platform for “tracking and integrating relations between authors and documents in a combined ‘social-document graph.’ It allows users to learn about an author or idea from the evolving relationships between people-and-documents, people-and-people, and documents-and-documents.” I  co-authored a paper with several RoSE colleagues on the subject of how the RoSE project has clarified new directions for interdisciplinary collaboration in digital humanities scholarship and project development (see Publications).

Also at UCSB, as the 2009-2010 Arnhold Graduate Fellow, I developed and supervised the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program in its inaugural year. The Arnhold Program is part of an initiative in the UCSB English Department to create a more focused presence for undergraduate research within the department. In addition to organizing a series of workshops and roundtables, as well as the Arnhold Research Showcase, I created and published the first issue of Emergence: A Journal of Undergraduate Literary Criticism and Creative Research, an online journal featuring writing by the Undergraduate Fellows.



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