DH Speaker Series

I am currently coordinating a series of talks focusing on the Digital Humanities at Weber State University.

The Digital Humanities Speaker Series is an interdisciplinary examination of the many ways that issues of digital media intersect with the humanities. The talks consider a range of topics, including digital culture, media history, and the use of digital technology in research, teaching, and artistic production.

The series began in Spring 2016. The talks to date are:

  • Gina Shelley, “Taming the Technology Beast: Taking the Fear out of Using Smartphones in the Classroom”
  • Mark Stevenson, “Digital Tradition and Reimagined Vernacular in Irish Music”
  • David Ferro and Eric Swedin, “Science Fiction and Computing”
  • Molly Morin, “Strong Correlations: Representing Women in Weightlifting through Narrative and Data”
  • Susan Matt and Luke Fernandez, “Bored, Lonely, and Stupid: American Anxieties about Technology from the Telegraph to Twitter”

For details about events, or to be added to the mailing list, contact jpanko (at) weber (dot) edu.

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